How Can I Make Money In Kenya Without Capital?

How can I make money online without paying in Kenya?

Well, in this day and age of internet ubiquity, many Kenyans are genuinely making money online without paying a dime….Write for payFreelancer.Upwork.Fiverr.People per Hour.Constant Content.Craiglist..

Which is the richest company in Kenya?

Top 20 Richest Companies in KenyaSafaricom – Richest Company In Kenya. … East African Breweries Ltd. … Kenya Airways. … Kenya Commercial Bank. … Nation Media Group. … Britam – Richest Insurance Company in Kenya. … Royal Media Services. … Deloitte – Largest and Most reputable firm in Kenya.More items…•

What can I invest in with little money in Kenya?

Some of the investment options to look at in Kenya in 2020 include money market funds such as CIC or Britam Money Market funds, the stock market, treasury bills and bonds, real estate etc.

Which is the most profitable business to start in Kenya?

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business in Kenya, below are some profitable business ideas you can venture into:Dry cleaning business. … Cyber Café … Car Wash Business. … Poultry Farming. … Selling Second Hand Clothes (Mitumba) … Photography. … Selling Snacks.

What is the best investment in Kenya?

We take a look at some of the popular ways you can invest your money in Kenya;Invest Money in Yourself. … Buy Government or Private Sector Bonds. … Invest in Unit Trusts or Mutual Funds. … Invest in Gold and Silver. … Invest in the Capital Markets via NSE. … Invest in Real Estate. … Peer to Peer Lending. … Alternate Investments.More items…•

What should I invest 10k in?

Now let’s look at some ideas on how to invest $10,000:Invest With Betterment. … Invest in stocks with You Invest by J.P. Morgan. … Invest in a 401k to Get the Company Match. … Max out an IRA. … Invest in a taxable account. … Pay off high-interest credit card debt. … Increase your emergency fund. … Fund an HSA account.More items…

How can I make 100k in Kenya?

How to Invest 100K in KenyaInvest in Money transfer business. Money transfers hit the country with a bang with almost every Kenyan using MPesa virtually daily. … start a Daycare centre. … Invest in a Sacco. … Invest the 100K in Farming. … Invest in commercial cleaning services. … Selling mitumba or second-hand clothes. … E-Commerce stores.

What can I do with 50k in Kenya?

Here are the best businesses to start with 50k in Kenya.Butchery. Kenyans love food, especially various types of meat. … Movie shop. There is a high demand for western films and TV shows provided by streaming services in Kenya. … Salon/barber shop. … Hardware store. … Grocery store. … Mobile money agent. … Farming. … Milk bar.More items…•

What can I start with 50k?

20 Businesses You Can Start With 50,000 Naira in NigeriaBaking Business. Baking is a thriving business in Nigeria. … Fast food Business. The importance of food can never be overemphasized. … Plantain Chips Business. This is also a very lucrative business. … Selling Drinks and Water. … Small Scale Farming. … Smoked Fish Business. … Soap Production. … Home and Beauty Products.More items…•

Is InvestHat legit in Kenya?

Is InvestHat a registered and legal company? Yes, InvestHat is a Trade Name of Hartford and Lansing Co., a Legally Registered Corporation in Kenya.

How can I work online and earn money in Kenya?

Below are ten genuine online jobs in Kenya.Blogging/article writing. … Paid online surveys in Kenya. … Online research jobs in Kenya. … Web and graphic design. … Online marketing influencer. … Transcription. … Data entry. … E-books writing.More items…•

How can I make quick money in Kenya?

How to Easily Make Money Online in KenyaSwagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the best sites to make cash online and one of the most reputable among students. … Freelancer. As the name suggests, this is one of those sites where your dedication determines your net worth. … Fiverr. … Upwork. … iWriter. … Transcribe me. … Slice the pie. … Postloop.More items…•

How can I make 1000 a day in Kenya?

One can earn in excess of Ksh 1,000 daily if they participate in a number of surveys….To register, pay Ksh999 per month or Ksh499 for two weeks by following these steps:Go to MPESA.Select Lipa Na MPESA.Select Buy Goods and Services.Enter MPESA till number (705909)Enter amount (Ksh999, Ksh499)Enter MPESA pin and send.

How can a beginner make money online in Kenya?

To make things easy for you, we have researched 6 most popular ways that you can work and earn money online in Kenya:1) Freelancing and Online Jobs.2) Online Celebrity or Influencer.3) Selling Online through E-commerce.4) Blogging or Start your own website.5) Online Investing.More items…•

How can I make money online with my phone in Kenya?

10 easy ways on how to make money with your phone in KenyaPaid surveys in Kenya for smartphone owners. … Invest in photography. … Start a passion-driven vlog today. … Try blogging in Kenya. … Become an online tutor. … Affiliate marketing is easier with your smartphone. … Start and run an e-commerce business with your phone.More items…•