How Do You Use The Word Kismet?

What does Kismat mean?

Kismat may refer to: Kismet (disambiguation), word for “fate” or “destiny” in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu , Persian and Turkish, spelled “Kismat” in English in the Indian subcontinent..

What is the meaning of Trapped in English?

(træpt ) 1. adjective [usually verb-link ADJECTIVE] If you feel trapped, you are in an unpleasant situation in which you lack freedom, and you feel you cannot escape from it.

Is Kismet a male or female name?

The name Kismet is a girl’s name of origin meaning “fate”.

What is happenstance?

A happenstance is a coincidental event. If you call your brother on the phone, that’s intentional. If you bump into him in a restaurant, it’s happenstance. Happenstance is a combination of the words, happen and circumstance.

What means luck?

1a : a force that brings good fortune or adversity Luck was a big factor in the outcome. b : the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual The loser muttered something about bad luck. 2 : favoring chance also : success had great luck growing orchids. luck. verb.

What does Kismet mean in Albanian?

Kismet is more of a locally used word which means “Fate” or “destiny” and Albanians use it to dodge uncomfortable questions that they don’t have a good answer to or rather don’t want to answer. As a tourist, you might not use this Albanian word, but it’s still good to know!

What is another word for kismet?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for kismet, like: circumstance, karma, fortune, fate, destiny, chance, doom, lot, portion, predestination and certain.

What does the name Kismet mean?

Kismet as a girl’s name is of Arabic origin meaning “fate”.

What is the opposite of kismet?

Opposite of a predetermined or unavoidable destiny. autonomy. choice. liberty.

Is happenstance a word?

: a circumstance especially that is due to chance They came together by mere happenstance.

What is a synonym for happening?

Is the word Kismet Yiddish?

The Yiddish concept of fate.

Is Kismet in English word?

Kismet means fate or destiny.

What fate means?

fate, destiny, lot, portion, doom mean a predetermined state or end. fate implies an inevitable and usually an adverse outcome. the fate of the submarine is unknown destiny implies something foreordained and often suggests a great or noble course or end.

What is the difference between Kismet and Karma?

Kismet is fate, something that will happen to you without any known explanation. Karma is your conscious action which goes around a complex domino effect before coming back to hit you. You are the cause, so choose your actions wisely. Karma is the result of one’s actions.