Question: What Is A Fluff Sentence?

What does the word fluff mean?


light, downy particles, as of cotton.

a soft, light, downy mass: a fluff of summer clouds.

something of no consequence: The book is pure fluff, but fun to read.

an error or blunder, especially an actor’s memory lapse in the delivery of lines..

What does lemon mean?

Informal. a person or thing that proves to be defective, imperfect, or unsatisfactory; dud: His car turned out to be a lemon.

What is fluffing slang for?

Fluffing can mean: … A practice in public relations of spinning a topic to present it in the most positive light. A fluffer is a makeup department role in pornography.

Are fanfics bad?

Fanfiction is not bad. It is not evil. It is a place for people to explore writing for the first time, usually in communities that support these newcomers to keep writing even though they aren’t good, and go explore themes like sexuality in a safe manner.

Does fluff mean fart?

(intransitive, Australia, euphemistic) To fart.

What is a fluff party?

“A repeat/regular nightclub event by furries for furries.” The concept has been spreading since the late 2000’s. It’s a dance party independent of cons. It builds on their growth but takes things farther. It’s more ambitious than informal meets and events that happen once.

What words should never start a sentence?

Or never begins a sentence, paragraph, or chapter. Never begin a sentence—or a clause—with also. Teach the elimination of but, so, and, because, at the beginning of a sentence. A sentence should not commence with the conjunctions and, for, or however….

What does fluff mean sexually?

verb – transitive. to sexually arouse an actor to erection by oral or manual stimulation on a pornographic film set.

Is fluff a real word?

noun. light, downy particles, as of cotton. a soft, light, downy mass: a fluff of summer clouds. something of no consequence: The book is pure fluff, but fun to read.

What is a wet fart called?

Watery flatulence is when liquid passes out alongside air when a person farts. This liquid could be mucus or watery stool. … Also known as wet farts, watery flatulence may be due to what a person has eaten or drunk. An underlying health condition may also be the cause of wet farts, for example, a digestive disorder.

What is fluff anime?

Fluff refers to lovey-dovey animes. Relationships, romance, and the anticipation of, “when will they realize they like each other?!” and all the other things that make your heart go “doki-doki.”

What is fluff content?

In general, filler is part of a sentence, whereas fluff refers to whole sentences in a piece of content that exist just to pad the word count, which ultimately dilutes the nutritional value of the overall content. By focusing more on substance, your content becomes richer and more beneficial to the reader.

How do you use fluff in a sentence?

At the husky female voice, Dusty turned to see Jenn fluff Jonny’s hair as she passed.

What does fluff mean in fanfics?

Fanfic without angst(n.) Fanfic without angst; any pleasant, feel-good story. Fluff may lack plot; however, unlike a PWP the focus is not sex, but displays of affection between two or more characters, whether their relationship is romantic or not.

What are fluff words?

Fluff definition can be summarised as unnecessary details in a text that are not useful to your audience. Examples of fluff words and phrases include flowery text, the writer’s opinion or extra information that prevents the article from coming to the point.

What does a fluffy person mean?

Fluffy – Usually describing a person or a behavior that is soft, cute and anything unmanly. Normally seen as an insult or an embarrassment.

What does fluff it up mean?

(US also flub) to make something appear bigger or full of air by hitting or shaking it: I’ll just fluff up your pillows for you.

How do you spell Fluffy?

adjective, fluff·i·er, fluff·i·est. light or airy: a fluffy cake.

What is a nice word for fart?

What is another word for fart?flatulencegasflatusfluffer-doodleblow-offborborygmuseructationfartingintestinal gas3 more rows

What does lemon mean sexually?

The definition of LEMON is “Sexual anime” What does lemon mean in fanfic? Explicit sex stories in general, especially in anime fan fiction, are known as lemon, a term which comes from a Japanese slang term meaning “sexy” that itself derives from an early pornographic cartoon series called Cream Lemon.

How do you stop fluff writing?

Here are some tips that can help you avoid fluff in writing:Have a plan – Write first, edit later. … Sharpen your introduction. … Write short sentences. … Trim paragraphs. … Don’t state the obvious. … Use expressive verbs. … Abandon adverbs where possible. … Favor active voice over passive voice.More items…