Quick Answer: Is Batman Emotionless?

Why does Batman care about Gotham?

Batman does care about the rest of the world, but Gotham is his home.

He swore to keep the city safe, to prevent anyone else facing the fate his parents had.

He swore to keep the city safe, to prevent anyone else facing the fate his parents had.

It is his turf and his responsibility, and he takes it very seriously..

Is Batman sad?

At all times, Batman is performing on a high level. He’s accomplished feats that some of us can only dream of. Yet, he’s prone to the same feelings of hopelessness that every depressive goes through. Batman’s depression has caused him to push away the people who mean the most to him.

Is Bruce Wayne lonely?

In Batman Beyond, it’s confirmed that Bruce Wayne has been living alone for a long, long time. He and his partners had split apart.

Why is Batman angry?

Batman’s an angry guy; that’s just sort of his thing. … He blames himself for the death of his parents during his childhood, but allowing Jason Todd to die under his care represents the moment during his career as the Caped Crusader that he can never truly get passed.

Is Batman ever happy?

According to writer Scott Snyder, the answer to that is yes. Snyder, who has an extensive history writing the Batman character, took to Twitter on Tuesday to share that he is sometimes asked if Batman can ever be happy but that he feels like the character already is.

Is Batman lonely?

He has multiple-personality disorder and is a very sad, lonely individual. Speaking further about the character he has portrayed since 2005’s Batman Begins, he went on to say: “He has the public persona of the playboy and the character of Batman is the personification of his rage and sense of injustice.

Does Batman have anger issues?

Our favourite, dark superhero also has anger issues, and his constant efforts to try himself also shows his egomania.

Is Batman a womanizer?

So no, he’s not a womanizer. All the women knows his reputation, and he doesn’t do anything cruel to them.

What mental disorder does Batman have?

Antisocial Personality Disorder Bruce keeps his real identity hidden from everyone, and goes around town as Batman, the superhero.

Does Batman suffer from PTSD?

Does Bruce Wayne Have PTSD? The death of his parents is a huge loss for Bruce. It shatters his innocence. … But even if we consider his sleep problems and risk-taking behavior as signs of PTSD, Bruce doesn’t exhibit other symptoms necessary for that diagnosis, and his symptoms seem short-lived and are easily resolved.

Why is Batman so depressed?

Of course he’s depressed! His parents were killed in front of him and now goes around at night trying to give meaning to his life by getting revenge on criminal scum. On top of that he has almost no emotion which comes to be as a self protection mechanism after severe depression doesn’t go away.

Why is Batman always alone?

He is a lone wolf. He gets his work done efficiently and effectively, alone. I guess he feels more confident working alone so that no one else may mess up and he’s the one in full control. He is the only one who can take blame and the only one who is responsible for his secret.

Is Batman crazy?

No. Batman is an extreme personality, that does not make him insane. Far from it. Too often when trying to analyze the rather complicated psyche of Bruce Wayne (as he is in the source material), people look first at the fact that he lurks in a costume and draw conclusions, based on that alone, about his lack of reason.

What Batman fears?

Batman’s indomitable fear is that there will come a day when he will no longer be able to fight for the ideals he held so dear. That he would snap beyond repair, no longer protecting the morals such as his “no-kill” code that he stood for all his life.

What does bane use?

VenomUsage of Venom enhances his physical abilities, including his strength and healing process, to superhuman levels. In most incarnations of the character, Bane requires a specialized tank to help control the amount of Venom which he injects into his body.