Quick Answer: What Is The Rank Of BYJU’S?

How does BYJU earn money?

BYJUs follows a freemium business model, so most of the revenue is incurred from the subscription amount which is paid by the students for learning.

BYJU also earns from product purchase from its website, offline career counseling, offline coaching, and revenues from API..

What is the salary of Byju Raveendran?

Interestingly, his gross annual salary was Rs 68,52,040. Divya, his wife, who is a director in the company, draws Rs 31 lakhs, while Byju’s brother Riju, who is also a director in the company, draws Rs 42,12,706.

Is BYJU’s making profit?

BYJU’S, the learning app for school students, has on Tuesday said it has turned profitable, on a full-year basis. It has almost tripled its revenue and aimed to rake it to ₹3,000 crore by March 2020. … The company’s gross revenue increased from ₹520 crore to ₹1,480 crore.

Is BYJU’s expensive?

Byju’s sells its curriculum sets for specific classes, for instance Maths and Science for Class 6, or a series of CAT lectures. … The lectures aren’t cheap — the Maths and Science curriculum, for instance, costs between Rs. 2 and Rs. 30,000.

Who are the competitors of BYJU’s?

Byju’s Alternatives & CompetitorsCanvas.Khan Academy.GoReact.McGraw-Hill Connect.Nearpod.Pear Deck.Cerego.MindTap.

Why is BYJU bad?

Its a bad experience with Byju’s. Its not effective, the way they market it. … But for a 6th standard student – who is average or above average – Byjus expect the child is going to pick up things by going thru videos and attempting practice exams!! this may not be practically correct.


BYJU’S – The Learning App is an Indian educational technology (edtech) and online tutoring firm founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran. The company with a valuation of $11.1 billion….BYJU’S.TypePrivateFounded2011FounderByju RaveendranHeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka , IndiaArea servedMultinational8 more rows

How much should we pay for BYJU’s?

Students across classes 4 to 10 can attend and learn from BYJU’S Classes for 1 month at just Rs 2,000. 2.

Why is BYJU so successful?

Perhaps the most important reason Byju’s has found success is by placing Education ahead of Technology. … Byju’s had the track record of having helped thousands of CAT aspirants get into the IIMs and that’s what gave them the license to win adjacent markets.

Does BYJU’s have English?

At BYJU’S, we’re providing basic English lessons on CBSE Class 1 English.

Is BYJU’s good?

Byju is a very good app for online studying. Its takes tests after teaching every topics so that the topic is clearly understandable by students. Its made for students for class 6 to 12. As per my recommendation , its the best app for online study.

How many students are using BYJU’s?

15 million studentsThe India-based mobile learning app, created by Byju Raveendran—a teacher by choice and entrepreneur by chance—is now used by more than 15 million students and has 900,000 paying subscribers.

What subjects are taught in BYJU’s?

The CBSE Classes contains all the essential subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, Geography, etc. the subjects in the CBSE classes varies for different classes.

What is the turnover of BYJU’s?

BYJU’S gross revenue FY 2018-2019 The edutech and online tutoring company recorded a gross revenue of over 14 billion Indian rupees in financial year 2019. This was almost triple the revenue of the previous financial year. BYJU’S had over 40 million registered users and 2.8 million paid customers in India.

How much does BYJU pay to BCCI?

“The BCCI is pleased to welcome India’s leading education and learning app BYJU’S as the official Team India sponsor from 5th September, 2019 until 31st March, 2022,” it added. The deal between the BCCI and Oppo, which was inked in 2017 for a five-year period, was reportedly worth Rs 1079 crore.

Which one is better BYJU or Vedantu?

BYJU’S scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Senior Management, Culture & Values, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Vedantu scored higher in 2 areas: Work-life balance and CEO Approval.

Is Toppr free of cost?

From IIT/JEE preparation to NEET preparation, most competitive exams can be cracked using Toppr app. … Toppr app is free of cost. It also offers access to all the video lectures without any charges.

Which tablet is given by BYJU’s?

Samsung BYJU’s Classes UPSC Tablet 1.5 GB RAM 16 GB ROM 7 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (White)Model NumberBYJU’s Classes UPSC TabletColorWhiteConnectivityWi-Fi OnlyOSAndroidOperating System Version4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)5 more rows

Is Khan Academy better than BYJU’s?

Khan academy is providing free content it’s appreciable and it’s good for those who are really doing well with their studies. But Byjus help you to learn from the basics in an interesting manner. It helps kid to devote time and let them be curious to learn more.

How many subjects does BYJU’s have?

5There are 5 compulsory subjects, 2 optional subject and 2 subjects for internal assessment.

Is BYJU’s in loss?

Synopsis. Think & Learn Pvt Ltd, the entity that runs BYJU’S, reduced its loss to Rs 8.82 crore in the fiscal ended March 2019 from a loss of Rs 37.15 crore in FY18, documents sourced by Paper.vc showed. Revenue from operations also increased to Rs 1,305.92 crore in FY19 from Rs 471.18 crore in FY18, it added.