What Can I Do With Old Business Cards?

What to do with small empty boxes?

they fall over.

Create a boat.

as a target.

Make wings out of it and pretend to fly.

into it.

Make a “Mud Café” out of a few big boxes.

robot costume, then act like a robot.

Build a box tower and then knock it down.

of activity dice.

Create a mini cardboard village or city.


sword fight.

pull you, as if it was a car.More items….

How can I reuse old playing cards?

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Playing CardsDon’t Throw Away Old Playing Cards! Instead of throwing away miscellaneous items found around your home, reuse them for different purposes. … Tiny Journal. … Scrapbooking Embellishments. … Alice in Wonderland Party. … Gift Tags. … Ornaments. … Artists Trading Card. … 52 Reasons Why.More items…•

When should you exchange business cards?

Business cards are generally exchanged at the beginning of or at the end of an initial meeting. Good business etiquette requires you present the card so the recipient’s language is face up.

Why do Realtors leave business cards?

When an agent visits your home, it is considered a “Professional Courtesy” to leave behind a card, so that you will know who toured the house and be able to ask for feedback. Many sellers request the agents do this so they have physical evidence of who has been in their house.

How do you fold a greeting card?

InstructionsMeasure the Center of the Card. Use a ruler to measure the center of the card at the top and the bottom. With a pencil, lightly mark these points and draw a straight line between them. … Score the Card. Use the bone folder to score the card. … Flatten the Fold. Carefully fold the card along the scored line.

How do you store empty cardboard boxes?

Store your cardboard boxes flat and tied in bundles for optimum storage in minimal space. Store your boxes in dry places, such as in a garage or an attic, to avoid water damage.

Can you hand out business cards?

Rule #1: Keep your business card to yourself. DO NOT hand out your business card to everyone you see as if you are passing out $20 bills. Have you ever had someone come up to you while you are talking to someone else and slip a business card in your hand and keep moving.

How do you reuse cardboard boxes?

15 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Your Empty Cardboard BoxesMake Rope Wrapped Storage. … Cover a Few in Fabric for Stylish Bins. … Turn a Piece into a Distressed Sign. … Add Wheels for a Rolling Toy Crate. … Dress It up as a Luxury Cat Bed. … Paint a Chalkboard Sign. … Attach Frames for Instant Organization. … Use It to Start a Book Page Wreath.More items…

Where can I pass out my business cards?

Check out these common places where you can display a business card:Grocery stores.Community centers.Libraries.College campuses.Churches.Chambers of Commerce.Gyms and recreational centers.Laundromats.

What can you do with leftover boxes?

What Can I Do With Leftover Moving Boxes?Keep them.Donate or sell them.Repurpose moving boxes as insulation.Use moving boxes for a fun DIY project.